How To Repair Hardinge Machines

When you need precision machine tool services, we're the company to call. We have parts for all types of tooling machines, including Bridgeport and Hardinge. Whether you need the bearings or belts or springs or spindles, we have them available for you. We stock thousands of parts for Bridgeport heads and apron assemblies for your Hardinge. If you're having problems with the carriage on your Hardinge, we will be happy to get rid of those issues for you. You can buy brand new tooling parts from us, or we can get you reconditioned spindles if you want to save money. When you're having problems with your Bridgeport millers, we will be happy to come to your site and fix your machines for you. We are the company to call to help minimize the downtime so that you can continue production without interruption.

Having a company you can call 24 hours a day for repair parts is very important. If you are in the local area, we will be happy to come to your location and repair your machines on site. If you need parts anywhere in the country, we will be happy to ship them to you whenever you need them. If you have machines that you know will be breaking down on a regular basis because of wear and tear, we can put you on a schedule and send those parts out to you automatically. Whether you have a small job, or a huge job, you will be happy to know we have an inventory large enough to handle all your parts needs. We have the largest parts department for Bridgeport parts east of the Mississippi. It is the goal of everyone in our company to make sure that we have your Bridgeport and Hardinge machine up and running as quickly as we can.

Many times a machine is so old it simply can't be fixed by replacing one are two parts. Some machines need a complete rebuild or retrofitting. When that happens, you can count on us to come to your location and rebuild your Bridgeport spindle, or any other Bridgeport you might have. Our parts department is second to none, and our repair technicians are the best in the business. So when you call on us for parts or service, you know you are getting the very best.

Rebuilding Bridgeport and Hardinge machines is the reason most people call on us. We have the experience to do an on site rebuild of your Bridgeport head in less than five hours. You won't find many repair shops that can do a job that big in that short of time frame. If you need your Hardinge apron rebuilt, we can do that at your location in less than 3 hours.

So when it's time to make repairs or rebuild your Bridgeport or Hardinge Machines, call Hardinge Repair at 508-612-9593 for fast service. Just when you think your machine is too far gone, our technicians will bring it back to life for you for less than you might imagine. Give us a call today.

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